Double Sided Tape & Single Sided Tape

Logo Flex has been an expert in double-sided adhesive tape and single-sided adhesive tape in Remscheid for over 40 years. Are you looking for double-sided adhesive tape? Or do you rather need a single-sided adhesive tape for your application purposes? You are sure to find what you are looking for on this page.

Double-sided adhesive tape
Logo Flex produces high quality double-sided adhesive tape. This has many advantages and applications. Our double-sided adhesive tape is suitable for use in industry and of course in the private sector. From the coating to the cut rolls and the assembly of individual stamped parts, we carry out all production steps on site in Remscheid.

Our high-quality adhesive tape consists of three functional layers. The backing, the adhesive and the cover made of silicone paper. We always use high-quality adhesives made of synthetic rubber or acrylate in the production of our adhesive tapes. During production, the adhesive is applied to both sides of the backing. Non-woven, foam, acrylate or film-based carriers are suitable for this purpose.

Please feel free to contact us. We will then help you quickly and easily to find the right backing for your application. You can also find more detailed information by clicking on the individual adhesive tapes.

Single-sided adhesive tape
Our single-sided adhesive tape also has three functional layers. In this case, however, we only apply the adhesive to one side of the backing. Our fabric tape is particularly popular. This is because it is very robust and versatile. In Remscheid, we also produce various special products as well as ATG system transfer tapes and hand dispensers.

Our employees will help you reliably and competently with your questions and requests. Please click on the individual products for more information.

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