We produce rubber buffers, rubber feet, rubber studs, anti-slip feet and elastic buffers in an elastic material and in different shapes (square, cylindrical and hemispherical). You can choose between transparent rubber buffers or rubber buffers in a plain black. We can also produce special shapes at the customer’s request.
The rubber buffers have many practical and inverse properties. They are made of the highest quality polyurethane. This material is not only very durable, but also 100% UV-resistant. At the same time, the rubber buffers always remain soft and flexible during use. It goes without saying that the material used is free of plasticisers.
The elastic buffers are also self-adhesive thanks to our Logoflex adhesive. This gives them excellent slip resistance and abrasion resistance. The rubber buffers therefore adhere well to different surfaces. They leave no scratches and do not leave any unsightly marks or stains.
Rubber buffers are versatile and can therefore be used both privately and industrially. They can be easily bonded to wood, plastic, tile or metal surfaces. Here is an exemplary overview of possible areas of application:
Bump stops: As bump stops, rubber buffers have been an indispensable part of many kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms for several years. They are also used as bumpers in drawers, cupboards or chests of drawers as reliable dampers. In this way, they protect many pieces of furniture from unnecessary wear and tear.
Spacers: The transparent rubber buffers in particular are ideal as spacers in various areas. For example, they can therefore be used as invisible surface protection for glass tables. In addition, they also help as spacers for the optimal alignment of picture frames.
Protective buffers: Rubber buffers are also used in the logistics industry as protective buffers for the transport of fragile objects. In this way, the danger of unintentional collision of fragile goods during transport can be averted.
Vibration dampers: Elastic buffers not only protect against unintentional knocking together. They are also a reliable vibration damper. That is why they are often used in the electronics sector.
Equipment feet: Due to their high slip resistance, rubber buffers are ideal as equipment feet for small objects. These could be keyboards or laptops, for example. By placing the Logobump elastic buffers under the respective device, unintentional slipping can be prevented.
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