Finger-lift adhesive tape

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Finger-Lift adhesive tape

Finger-Lift double-sided tape with protective layer of silicone paper is used wherever fast and uncomplicated removal of the cover paper is indispensable.

In the case of stronger adhesive applications, the overlaying release paper also prevents unwanted transfer of adhesive to other materials.

Our Finger-Lift double-sided adhesive tapes with two-sided silicone paper overlap are manufactured for you in the following standard dimensions:

Standard dimensions:

Running lengths: 50-1,000 metres*

Paper width:  Adhesive width:
12 mm 6 mm
15 mm 9 mm
18 mm 12 mm
24 mm 18 mm

* Adhesive strength at 1,000 m max. 100 μm

Special dimensions or 1-sided Finger-Lift adhesive tapes are possible on request at any time.

Individual production according to customer requirements:

In our company, nearly the entire range of double-sided adhesive tapes can be processed into finger-lift adhesive tapes.

However, if you do not find what you are looking for, or an adhesive tape is required for a specific application by the end customer,

we will gladly tailor the material you have available to your individual finger-lift adhesive tape.

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