New “Crystal Clear” polyurethane bumpers technologies


Company LOGO-FLEX Klebetechnik GmbH constantly working to improve intellectual and innovative manufacturing technologies.
At the industrial exhibitions in 2020/2021, we wanted to present to our current
and future customers the production technology of Crystal Clear polyurethane bumpers.

With the new Crystal Clear technology, we have not only achieved crystal transparency and UV resistance,
but we also got the opportunity to produce whole sets of bumpers of different sizes and different shapes on one portable tape
and “on-one-sheet”.
Dimensions, shape and quantity can be custom-made to suit your individual needs.
No one has such a polyerethane manufacturing technology as Logo Flex today.
The new technology of forming polyurethane bumpers significantly simplifies the formation of an order,
reduces the cost of developing new sizes, and makes it easier for the commercial department to complete and control the consumption of bumpers.
In addition, the technology is much more environmentally friendly, after installation there is no industrial waste,
including polyurethane bars, nothing but just a portable paper tape.
It is suitable for mounting bumpers in manufacturing, for completing semi-finished products,
for example, for assembling furniture by contractors or end-customers,
and for selling small household kits in networks of hardware and home-improvement stores.

These transparent bumpers are made of non-toxic super-transparent polyurethane,
which has great wear-resistance and
high temperature resistance, will not turn yellow over time.
In addition, it has a very sticky self-adhesive back surface, and you won’t worry about
it coming off even after years of use.

Polyurethane bumpers are widely used in everyday life and in goods manufacturing,
it is an ideal noise reduction and surface protection.
The elastic surface helps to reduce the noise when rubbing, closing cabinets,
windows and drawers, muffling the sharp sounds of slamming details.
Stick it on a chair, door, or framed paintings, mirrors, and photos to avoid scratching the walls.
These transparent bumper pads are almost invisible and will not affect your goods design, interior, or product appearance.

It easily peels off and adheres to any smooth surfaces, glass, plastic, windows and walls, metal,
ceramics and furniture, or any other plane that needs sound damping or anti-scratch effect.
Make sure the surface is clean before you glue it.

Contact our sales department with your details and order samples of new bumpers, test, decide on the size and shape –
and if you are satisfied, we will be happy to cooperate with you and hope for a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship!

LOGO-FLEX auf der FachPack 2019 / 24.-26. September 2019 in Nürnberg

Besuchen Sie uns in Halle 9, Stand 9-145
Europäische Fachmesse für Verpackungen, Prozesse und Technik
Die Verpackungsbranche trifft sich vom 24. – 26. September 2019 im Messezentrum Nürnberg.
Neue Trends, neue Perspektiven, neue Möglichkeiten: Die europäische Verpackungsbranche steckt voller Vielfalt und Dynamik.
Die FachPack setzt hier Akzente und Schwerpunkte. Mit einem frischen, neuen Auftritt.
Mit einer herausragenden Angebotsbreite bei Verpackungen, Verpackungsmaschinen und Verpackungsprozessen.
Mit einer beeindruckenden Angebotstiefe bei der Verpackungs- und Kennzeichnungstechnik, der Intra- und Verpackungslogistik, bei Verpackungen aus allen relevanten Verpackungsmaterialien und dem Verpackungsdruck und der Veredelung von Verpackungen.
Dabei verbindet die FachPack über 1.600 Aussteller in der Prozesskette Verpackung in 12 Messehallen mit rund 45.000 Fachbesuchern aus verpackungsintensiven Branchen.
An drei kompakten Messetagen dreht sich alles um die neuesten Innovationen und Weiterentwicklungen in der Verpackungsbranche, es entstehen neue Ideen und konkrete Projekte für die
Zukunft, denn: Morgen entsteht beim Machen!

Informationen zur Messe finden Sie unter:

Wir freuen uns auf Sie!


Logo-Flex at the interzum 2017 – The world meets in Cologne

interzum is the world’s leading trade fair for furniture manufacture and interior decoration. This is where the impetus for the global furniture supply industry is set and the most important business is done. Decision makers, opinion leaders and multipliers from all over the world learn about innovations of the industry and look for and find new contacts – whoever wants to make a really good business in 2017 does not miss Cologne.

Visit us at our exhibition booth in Hall 4.02, booth E-011

Information about the fair can be found at:

Meet us at the Interpack 2017 trade fair


The interpack is the indispensable event for the industries food, drinks, confectionery, baked goods, pharmaceutics, cosmetics , non-food and industrial goods . No other trade fair worldwide covers the entire value chain. No other presents such tailor-made solutions and innovative concepts for all industries and is, of course, THE event for the packaging industry.

Visit us at our booth at the North entrance (Hall S) Stand A 02.

Information about the fair can be found at:

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